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[ZaWoo] Rubber Buns and Skin Tight Suits - Now Available

Enjoy how the suit hugs your body, or turn into a rubber toy completely!

[Rascal Rabbit] Clothing Pack 3: Slick + Squeak

Included In Package

  • Full body rubber toy modification.
  • Skin tight wetsuit with optional gloves and sleeves.
  • Triathlon suit.
  • Plain rubber suit that can be worn as full body mod, or a catsuit.
  • Skin tight gloves and socks.
  • Includes .blend file, .unitypackage file, image textures, UV layouts, and .spp file.


  • Easily change colors within Unity.
  • Supports all blendshape combinations, for both male and female mesh.
  • Blender not required for set up.
  • Detailed instruction for set up included.
  • The clothing toggles had also been updated for this release, available as separate download for the base model.

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