[ZaWoo] Knotty Canine Peen - 3D Model

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[ZaWoo] Knotty Canine Peen - 3D Model

ZaWoo by Nimbkoll
139 ratings

Full and fat KNOT.
Fully animated.
Fully configurable.

Fully compatible with any model.


  • Designed to work with Unity based social VR game.
  • Smoothly animated state transitions.
  • Designed to work well with any model.
  • Several preset material setup, for you to more easily match models with custom shader.
  • Supports Dynamic Penetration System out of the box. (Made with DPS 1_31, newer versions might work too)
  • Works with Vibe Goes Brrr auto bind.
  • Jiggle physics supported with already set up Unity components (scripts not included).
  • Customizable with 12 different blendshapes within Unity.
  • Particle based fluid effects.
  • Tintable texture by simply modifying the materials in Unity.
  • Fully set up SPP file, for use in substance painter.
  • Detailed instructions included.

Update 1 - Throbbing feature

Included in Package:

  • Project file (.blend): Rigged 3D model of the peen with shape keys (Saved with blender 2.92).
  • FBX file Rigged 3D model of the peen ready to be imported into unity (Saved with blender 2.92).
  • Unity file (.unitypackage): Comes with animator controllers, animations, the peen model and materials (for use with Unity 2019.4.29).
  • Image textures (.png): Image textures of the peen, comes with diffuse(albedo), normal, metallic with smooth in alpha channel(the format that Unity likes), and UVW layouts.
  • Substance Painter file (.spp): for customizing the texture in substance painter, comes with organized layers, easy to edit (Saved with Substance 3D Painter Steam Edition).


  • You are not allowed to resell any assets included in the package, or redistribute them in any way (even if they are modified).
  • You can share modified assets if each parties have already purchased the assets.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions, feel free to find me at the discord server "Zawoo by Nimbkoll" or message me on Twitter.

Change Log:

Update 1:

  • Added throbbing feature.
  • Updated preset DPS shader to DPS1_31 (Old one was broken by the DPS13 update)
  • Changed the installation method to prevent the DPS shaft from moving away.
  • Changed animations to prevent shaft from disappearing when switching away on DPS on some avatars.
  • Fixed the bug where particles wont show up on some avatars.
  • Updated the instructions to reflect the new installation process.
  • Changed the readme file to reflect the DPS version used with the preset material.
  • Fixed the bug where the length of the shaft (blendshapes) will revert to default on some models.
  • Fixed shape_shaft_long causing DPS to mismatch and no longer aim at the orifice.

Update 2:

  • Fixed typo in the instructions.
  • Removed Rascal Rabbit specific installation method.
  • Added preset materials for Rascal Rabbit.
  • Reflect installation change in the instructions.

Update 3:

  • Changed from using Dynamic Bone to Phys Bone.
  • Changed the placement of armature, now requiring a parent contsraint.
  • Added grab toggle that allows posing and grabbing.
  • Reduced memory usage of VRC expression parameters by 6 bits.
  • Changed the bone hierarchy slightly, to work around the way bones are linked by Phys Bone.
  • Changed the dynamic animator layer.
  • FIxed mat_DPS_sheath for Rascal.
  • Reflect installation change in the instructions.

Update 3 rev.1:

  • Fixed an error with the hierarchy setup picture in the manual.

Update 3 rev.2:

  • Prevents other users from seeing the bones with overlay feature when the peen is hidden.
I want this!

Project file (.blend), FBX file, Unity file (.unitypackage), Image textures (.png), SPP file(.spp)


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