[ZaWoo] Hybrid Anthro Peen - 3D Model

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[ZaWoo] Hybrid Anthro Peen - 3D Model

ZaWoo by Nimbkoll
33 ratings

Fully animated. Fully configurable. Infinitely variable.
Fully compatible with any model.


  • Designed to work with Unity based social VR game.
  • Designed with ZaWoo Rascal Rabbit in mind, but will work with any models.
  • Supports Dynamic Penetration System (ver. 1_31) out of the box.
  • Works with Vibe Goes Brrr auto bind.
  • Smoothly animated state transitions.
  • Customizable with blendshapes within Unity.
  • Particle based fluid effects, driven by the Unity "Shuriken" particle system.
  • Dynamic bones supported with already set up Unity components (scripts not included).
  • Tintable texture by simply modifying the materials in Unity.
  • Fully set up SPP file, for use in substance painter.
  • Detailed instructions included.

Included in Package:

  • Project file (.blend): Rigged 3D model of the peen with shape keys and materials (Saved with blender 2.91).
  • FBX file: Rigged 3D model of the peen ready to be imported into unity (Saved with blender 2.91).
  • Unity file (.unitypackage): Comes with animator controllers, animations, the peen model and materials (for use with Unity 2018.4.20).
  • Image textures (.png): Image textures of the peen, comes with diffuse(albedo), normal, metallic, roughness, metallic with smooth in alpha channel(the format that Unity likes), and UVW layouts.
  • Substance Painter file (.spp): for customizing the texture in substance painter, comes with organized layers, easy to edit.


  • You are not allowed to resell any assets included in the package, or redistribute them in any way (even if they are modified).
  • You can share modified assets if each parties have already purchased the assets.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions, feel free to find me at the discord server "Zawoo by Nimbkoll" or message me on Twitter.

Change Log:

Update 1:

  • Modified most animation files to allow the peen_low gameobject to be hidden by default in Unity: This will prevent the peen to show up despite hidden to people who've blocked your animations via safety settings, and prevent the peen from showing up on the avatar preview window.
  • Added more annotations to the instruction manual. Alongside some common issues and solution.

Update 2:

  • This update added native support for Dynamic Penetration System.

Update 3:

  • Added preset materials for customization
  • Increase the compatibility by eliminating reliant on the "armature->hips" naming convention for DPS to work.
  • Fixed the bug where DPS peen will not show up on some models.
  • Fixed the bug where particles won't work on some models.
  • Changed the installation method to avoid the bug where the DPS shaft drifts away when moving it.
  • Updated the DPS version to 1_31.
  • Changed the instructions to reflect the new installation method.
  • Removed Rascal Rabbit specific installation method.
  • Fixed the blendshape "shape_shaft_long" making DPS misaligned with the orifice.
  • Fixed the bug where dynamic bone and particles effect not going away after switching off on some models.
  • Fixed dynamic bones effect causing the shaft to come out of its socket on fast movements.
  • Changed one of the variable to boolean, reducing memory usage by 7 bits.

Update 4:

  • Changed from using Dynamic Bone to Phys Bone.
  • Changed the placement of armature, now requiring a parent contsraint.
  • Added grab toggle that allows posing and grabbing.
  • Reduced memory usage of VRC expression parameters by 6 bits.
  • Changed the bone hierarchy slightly, to work around the way bones are linked by Phys Bone.
  • Changed the dynamic animator layer.
  • FIxed mat_DPS_sheath for Rascal.
  • Reflect installation change in the instructions.
I want this!

Project file (.blend), FBX file, Unity file (.unitypackage), Image textures (.png), SPP file(.spp)



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