[ZaWoo] Daring Deer - 3D Model for VRChat

ZaWoo by Nimbkoll
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Dare you be a Daring Deer!

Daring Deer. Dankest deer.


  • Designed with VRChat SDK3 in mind, will also work for applications such as Neos VR.
  • 17 body adjustment blendshapes, including female chest, thickness for pretty much every body parts and the option to hide the antler hole on the head.
  • Two sets of animated facial expressions activated by hand gestures and expression menu in VRChat. One set for when you want to be expressive, and another set just to be cute!
  • Tested to work well with FBT. Designed with body proportions similar to an average person.
  • Preset toggles as an optional download.
  • Twist bones supported and already set up in Unity, allowing for more natural twisting motion on the arms and legs.
  • Custom hand gestures designed to look good with Oculus and Vive controllers. Yes you can flip the bird!
  • Phys bones supported and already set up in Unity.
  • 7 preset body materials for basic customization.
  • 2 hairstyles for different folks.
  • Hide-able zippers and bulge for the shorts, in case you think it's too much.
  • Fully set up SPP file for you to customize the texture in Substance Painter.
  • Fully set up PSD files with easy to use folder and layers.
  • Medium VRChat performance rating in unmodded state, perfect for attending events with performance rating restrictions.
  • Detailed guides for both absolute newcomers and advanced users.

Fully configurable, infinitely variable.

To use this model in VRChat, you need:

  • VRChat SDK3 for avatars.
  • The version of Unity currently supported by VRChat.

Included in Package:

  • Quick Start Guide for newcomers who are unfamiliar with Unity.
  • Customization Guide for both new and advanced avatar tinkerers.
  • Image Textures (.png .psd .spp) formatted for both metallic/smooth (Unity, VRChat) and metallic/rough (Blender, Neos, UE, etc).
  • Project file (.blend)
  • FBX file
  • Unity File (.unitypackage)

[Clothing Pack 1] Outdoor + Adventure

Included in package:

  • Cargo pants, flannel shirt and jacket. 3 tintable materials each. (modern, sleek and tech.)
  • Includes .blend file, .unitypackage file, UV layouts and .spp file.


  • Easily change colors within Unity.
  • Supports all blendshape combinations, for male and female deer.
  • Blender not required for set up.
  • Detailed instructions for set up included.

Keep cozy in fancy outdoor clothing.


  • You are not allowed to resell any assets included in the package, or redistribute them in any way (even if they are modified).
  • You can to share modified assets if each parties have already purchased the assets.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions, feel free to find me at the discord server "Zawoo by Nimbkoll" or message me on Twitter.

Change Log:

Base Model:


  • Added 17 body blendshapes.
  • Changed the brightness levels of the AO map.
  • Fixed rigging error on the forehead.
  • Changed the body and hair shaders to Poiyomi.
  • Altered the shoulder mesh to look better when the arm is by the side of body.
  • Made the head 4% smaller.
  • Added toggles as an optional download.
  • Updated customization guide to include changing blendshapes.

Update1 rev.1:

  • Fixed a minor bug where on mesh_pants, the blendshapes shape_thigh_thin and shape_waist_thin have their names swapped.

Update1 rev.2

  • Changed from using dynamic bone to phys bone, importing dynamic bone is no longer needed.
  • Chagned content of quick start guide to reflect the new requirements.
  • Added "Antler grab" option in the expression menu.
  • Added more gameobjects to the head and hip to compensate for the lack of branching bone structure support. The fbx files remains unchanged.
  • Added a layer to the FX animator controller with an empty animation, to eliminate a write default related bug with other Zawoo assets.
  • Updated the clothing toggle to also allow for antler grabbing.

Clothing Pack 1:

Update 1:

  • Altered the shape and skin weight on the cargo pants to reduce clipping.
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[ZaWoo] Daring Deer - 3D Model for VRChat

47 ratings
I want this!