[ZaWoo] Chaos Canine - 3D Model for VRChat

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[ZaWoo] Chaos Canine - 3D Model for VRChat

ZaWoo by Nimbkoll
116 ratings

Chaos Canine won't
be contained or be house trained.

Unleash the mayhem.

Embrace Chaos (In game screenshot - VRChat)


  • Designed with VRChat SDK3 in mind, will also work for applications such as Neos VR.
  • 14 body adjustment blendshapes, 12 facial blendshapes.
  • 3 ear options (normal, fold, and big), 3 tail options (fluffy, curled, and plump) and 2 hairstyles.
  • Face tracking support out of the box. Works with hardware that tracks your lips, eyes, or both. The part not being tracked will revert to using animations. Also togglable in game.
  • Two sets of animated facial expressions activated by hand gestures and expression menu in VRChat. One set for when you want to be expressive, and another set just to be cute!
  • Preset toggles for clothing items.
  • Tail control, toe control, and ear control with expression menu.
  • Tail wag, ear flick and breathing animations
  • Twist bones supported and already set up in Unity, allowing for more natural twisting motion on the arms and legs.
  • Custom hand gestures designed to look good with Oculus and Vive controllers. Yes you can flip the bird!
  • Medium VRChat performance ranking achievable by removing some accessories (see technical info below).
  • Phys bones supported and already set up in Unity.
  • Fully set up SPP files for you to customize the texture in Substance Painter.
  • Fully set up PSD file with easy to use folders and layers.
  • Detailed guides for both absolute newcomers and advanced users.

Be at least a little bit unique.

Do you know that 50% of furries have some kind of canine fursona? You might be basic, but you can be -your- unique type of basic! Chaos Canine features 12 facial blendshapes, 14 body blendshapes, 3 ear options (normal, fold, and big), and 3 tail options (fluffy, curled, and plump). You can adapt Chaos to look just like your sona! Wolf, dog, fox, fennec, hyena…. (which are not canines, but close enough) Do whatever you want! The world is your oyster (which are also not canines).

Fully configurable

Infinitely variable

Fully Supports face tracking hardware (which you don't have).

Would you like to spend some more money on VR? Get the Vive facial tracker before HTC goes under, somehow attaching that to your headset, and enjoy having your expressions reflected by your virtual avatar in VRChat. We truly live in the future! Face tracking works even better in NeosVR, there are dozens of us playing that game, dozens!

Face tracking in VRChat. It works out of the box!

Made by a content creator who actually cares.

Unless you wipe your butt with cash, you probably value longevity in your purchases. Future updates to Chaos Canine will be -free-! There won't be major changes to the UV which renders your texture mods incompatible, or topology changes that made your custom clothes not fit anymore. To prevent grief from ever happening, each time major changes happen, the old version is archived and will always be available to download in case you need them.

Don’t know how to do anything?

Is this your first VR avatar? Don't worry, Instructional PDFs are included in the package you download. It's easier than putting together an Ikea furniture, and unlike Ikea's manuals, these PDFs have words as well as pictures.

You're still reading this?

Since you've already scrolled down this far, You must be really interested in causing Chaos… Go ahead and type 44.69 into the price field and -smash- that buy button. You can enter something like 44.7 if you don't want it to end in 69 (not judging), or just enter 45 if you want to fight against psychological pricing schemes. Maybe even 46 if you don’t like the psychological pricing scheme, -and- want to buy me a Subway cookie. Are you still reading after all these rambling? Just go! Embrace Chaos!

Stir up a frenzy

Prerequisites :

To use this model in VRChat, you need:

  • VRChat SDK3 for avatars.
  • The version of Unity currently supported by VRChat.

To use face tracking in VRChat, you need:

  • VRCFaceTracking OSC app.

Documentation on how to get and use these prerequisites are included in the package.

Included in Package:

  • Quick Start Guide for newcomers who are unfamiliar with Unity.
  • Customization Guide for both new and advanced avatar tinkerers.
  • Image Textures (.png .psd .spp)
  • Project file (.blend)
  • FBX file
  • Unity Package file (.unitypackage)

Technical Information:

VRChat Performance Ranking:

  • Poor (After removing unused extra ears, tails and hair.)
  • Medium (After removing the leash, anklet, dog tag and physbones for the toes.)

[Clothing Pack 1] Chic + Wild

Ever want to become the center of attention without being naked? I understand how you feel. Chic + Wild clothing pack makes Chaos Canine a little less naked, yet just as attractive.

Included In Package:

  • Jacket with short sleeves, pants, tank top that can be optionally worn underneath the jacket, booty shorts. Skin tight inner shirt, gloves and socks.
  • Includes .blend file, .fbx file, .unitypackage file, image textures, and .spp file.


  • Multiple texture sets for every piece of clothing.
  • Easily change colors within Unity.
  • Supports all blendshape combinations.
  • Blender not required for set up.
  • Detailed instruction for set up included.
  • Clothing toggles included with the base model as an optional download.

Dazzle everyone around you with these fashionably attractive clothes.

[Clothing Pack 2] Warmers + Undies

Show off your confidence and adorableness by wearing Warmers + Undies.

Jockstraps, boxer briefs, arm warmers and leg warmers… Can you even call yourself a furry if you don't have them? The choice of materials and zippered design add unique twists to this otherwise overplayed outfit. And don't worry, it comes in basic cloth too if that's who you are.

Included In Package:

  • Arm warmers and leg warmers with cloth, striped, leather and latex materials.
  • Jockstraps with cloth, leather and latex materials.
  • Boxer briefs with cloth, latex and metallic materials.
  • 2 extra materials (latex and leather) for the default crop top.
  • Includes .blend file, .fbx file, .unitypackage file, image textures, and .spp file.


  • Multiple texture sets for every piece of clothing.
  • Easily change colors within Unity.
  • Supports all blendshape combinations.
  • Blender not required for set up.
  • Detailed instruction for set up included.
  • Clothing toggles included with the base model as an optional download.

Keep your extremities warm and midsection exposed with these attractive articles.

Licensing (applies to base model and DLC):

  • You are not allowed to resell any assets included in the package, or redistribute them in any way (even if they are modified).
  • You can share modified assets if each party has already purchased the assets.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions, feel free to find me at the discord server "Zawoo by Nimbkoll" or message me on Twitter.

Change Log:

Update 0 Revision 1:

  • Allows users not using index controllers to perform closed fists by turning off "Alt Face Expressions"
  • Added texture padding to the PSD file to prevent seams from showing after export.
  • Added UV layouts into the PSD file so you don't need to import it.
  • Fixed the shorts not having "shape_body_belly_bulge" blendshape.
  • Fixed an oversight where the fluffy tail had physbone collision disabled by default.

Update 0 Revision 2:

  • Fixed the blendshape "shape_neck_thin" causing the spike collar's backside to deform incorrectly.
  • Fixed the upper arms losing volume near the armpit (when arms are pointing 45 degrees downward).
  • Fixed animation files preventing ear and tail bones from being able to be scaled or moved for customizing their shapes.
  • Eye tracking : Reduced the "over rotation" effect while looking up or down.
  • Eye tracking : Attempted to allow eyelid movement while looking up or down (Requires re-importing FX controller and removing VRC Avatar Descriptor eye look blendshape to take effect)

Update 0 Revision 3:

  • Reduced the pinching effect on between upper and lower arms.
  • Added Neos VR folder link as an optional download.
  • Added Chaos Canine - IK Rig for Blender as an optional download.
  • Added DLC Clothing Toggles as an optional download.

Clothing Pack 1 Change log:

Update 1:

  • Reduced clipping on jacket, pants and booty shorts.
  • Modified the default materials for pants and booty shorts to avoid Z-fighting.
  • Fixed blendshape "shape_body_thigh_thin" and "shape_body_thigh_thick" deforming verticies between the buttcheeks strangely on DLC1_pants.
  • Added Neos VR folder link as an optional download.
  • Modified the instructions to include alternative installation method.
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